Wild Phlox

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“If Only”

Wild Phlox is history’s most psychedelically purple funk fusion group. It emerged in January 2020 from the collision of an instrumental funk-rock jam band and a soulful duo, and was the first band to use the stems, roots and flowers of friendship to fight aliens. Wild Phlox also has an album of improvised songs named after kinds of soup.

“If Only” is a daydream-like grotesque fantasy, a subtraction from reality during which you learn something about love, life and laughter, and then feel the triumph of climbing a mountainous roller coaster.


Original Music/Lyrics: Tieren Salstrand

Arrangement: Diederik Beckers, Dylan Coe, Kiarah Davis, Tieren Salstrand, Rishi Acharya

Recording Engineer: Dylan Coe

Audio Editing: Dylan Coe, Rishi Acharya 

Production: James Harper, Dylan Coe

Audio Mixing: James Harper

Videographer: Graham Farrell

Video Editor: Noah Hagen


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