“Love Will Remain”

Meet Silva, a band formed in quarantine! We came together because we believe in the power of music to foster love and community, especially in the uncertainty of our current world situation. Our entire music making process has been one of catharsis and collaboration between each of our members. It began with a single voice memo melody sent from Emily (our vocalist) to Anna (our wiz on the piano). From there, the music traveled to Daniel, Oliver and Zev, who each continued to add their own individual flavor to the mix on the bass, drums and flute/sax, until it became the genre we like to call funky Latin R&B! We have truly had SO much fun creating, recording and filming, and we are thrilled with the funky, fresh, fierce and fun song we produced during this quarantine! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Original music: Emily Silva, Anna Bettendorf, Daniel Ferguson, Oliver Cooper, Zev Marx Khan, Angela Gonzalez, Samantha Dreyer, Victoria Silva

Lyrics: Emily Silva

Video Editor: Shannon O’Halloran

Video Directors: Victoria & Emily Silva

Audio Mixing: James Harper


Band - Mariachi de Uclatlán


Band - Wild Phlox