The way you tell your story can make all the difference.


How Spring Sing 2020 Came to Be

The decision to move Spring Sing 2020 online was a difficult one, but it has been a very rewarding process that has brought new purpose to the show. The Spring Sing 2020 Documentary showcases the work, passion, dedication and creativity that has made the show what it is. 

Creating this documentary was a new process for all of us, but one that gave us perspective on the impact Spring Sing has on the UCLA community and beyond. In the process, we interviewed various members of the show from the cast to Company to committee and got insight from alumni. Through these conversations we learned how the change to an online show has affected everyone involved in the show and how they navigated creating content for this year’s Spring Sing. It was amazing to see the optimism, growth and passion that still remains in everyone throughout this time. We hope through these words and insights to show just how strong the UCLA community continues to be throughout the challenges we are currently facing.

Learn more about the process of transitioning online, creating video content, filming company sketches, and what Spring Sing 2020 means to its participants and this community.