TikTok Girl

Austin Pham

First year audio engineering / music industry major

I believe that music truly is the one language that goes beyond all ethnic and cultural barriers. Music has been used to tie communities together and has such a deep historical significance in many societies. I believe that Paravi embodies this idea perfectly. She comes from an ethnically diverse background and uses her beautiful voice to connect with others. Her rich tone combined with her truthful lyrics can easily touch the hearts of millions of users on TikTok even in her own bedroom. I was honestly so moved by the message of the song that I spent the next three hours crafting an original production around her song and then subsequently using the next five remaining hours to mask/clone stamp around in Photoshop and animate those layers in 3D space in after effects. I believe Paravi's voice deserves to be highlighted for her ability to positively affect others in a time of unusual distancing. In particular with this work, I tried to symbolize the times we are going through. At this instant in which we feel time has effectively stopped, Paravi is still able to give life to movement to the world.

Materials used: I used an original on Paravi's TikTok, added some music behind it, and made a 3D image.

Though I barely got to know Paravi this year, I felt an instant connect through our mutual love for music. Her smile and facial expressions are simply infectious and transcend your average Zoom call.


Cabin Fever - Zofia Orlowski